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Supply Chain Management

Supply Chain Management (SCM) encompasses the majority of the functions of any organization and all are equally important in order to successfully deliver quality goods and services to any customer.  Without the proper management within the supply chain, the company can face serious risks either to the bottom line, legal risks and employment risks.  Most organizations are now global in nature, making supply chain management even more critical than in previous years.

Many companies focus on revenues, marketing and maximizing profits.  Your overall culture of the organization should understand that revenues and profits can only come through supply chain success and marketing should rely heavily on your brand through referrals (due to excellent service throughout your supply chain) and brand loyalty.

Next generation supply chains are expected to be fast, efficient, innovative, low cost and easily customized to the customer’s need(s).  As you know, this can be difficult when your organization is global in nature with volatility in the marketplace fluctuating demand and supply constantly, all putting increased pressures on the supply chain.

If you are feeling the pressure and need experts to help you review elements of your supply chain, MBFernandez Enterprises, LLC is your partner to transform your supply chain.  Whether you are looking for reliable contract management processes, procurement & negotiation training, leadership skills, conflict resolution, etc., MBFernandez Enterprises can tailor specific development opportunities for your leadership teams and organizations.  


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