Organizational Facilitation 

Successful organizations create work environments that create a positive and supportive atmosphere.  Individuals spend a great deal of their time in a day or week at work. Thus, job satisfaction is an important factor in the wellbeing of an employee as well as the ability for the employee to be a productive employee for the organization. 


It is no secret that in many work environments job satisfaction is difficult to achieve with the dysfunctional activities and happenings at work.  Many of these activities including meetings where little to nothing is accomplished and conflict in the work environment that causes a destructive, confrontational, stressful atmosphere.  


Such situations may not reach the point or the organization may not feel that mediation is the perfect tool for these types of situations, but this is where another Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) tool can help eliminate the negative and support the positive atmosphere for employee and organizational enhanced performance and innovation.  

Facilitation is a tool that many organizations use to help during task, interpersonal, task conflict, and other difficult situations 

We offer one-on-one coaching, team and organization facilitation, facilitation for conflict or crises situations.  As well as training to enhance the tools for individuals and the organization to address conflict or difficult situations in the future.  We also provide follow up and continuous support to ensure positive practices become part of the individuals and organizations culture. Team facilitation includes team building training and skill building.  

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