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Success happens when

proper preparation meets


According to the Iceberg Theory, the needs and wants of people are below the surface and not seen or spoken about, similar to the underside of an iceberg.

Failure to find these underlying/unspoken issues will make it more difficult to find the best solution within the negotiation.  Those items below the surface can be more powerful than the ones sitting right in front of you.

While thinking about the obvious motivators, can you find the hidden motivators?

The first question I like to ask when coaching or training negotiations, is what is negotiations.  I am presented with many different things, usually they are the same ones I hear from others that I coach and train.  The question isn't to point that someone has the right or wrong perspective on negotiations, but just as the "Iceberg Theory", when we go into a negotiation we need to understand all the motivators and what is really important not only to ourselves, but the individual or organization that we are negotiating with.  

SUCCESS IS WHAT HAPPENS WHEN PROPER PREPARATIONS MEETS OPPORTUNITY!   I am sure many of us are aware of the phrase that says, success or luck is when preparation meets opportunity.  This is good, but preparation alone for negotiations does not necessarily equal success.  In order to be successful in the negotiation processes it is necessary to treat the negotiation as a planned event, following all the steps in the negotiation process treating each of them as important as the previous or next step. 

Negotiation Steps

Neg Steps 2.png

We help individuals, teams, and organizations to be successful in their negotiations by training and coaching them through the entire negotiation process.  We demonstrate and share how to be best prepared to handle strategies and tactics that their counterparts in the negotiation may use to gain leverage against them. 

We can assist in negotiation preparations as well as provide negotiation support and participation for upcoming negotiations with business partners. 


  • Training and learning of new skills and improve their existing skills with one on one, team, and organizational training.  

  • Helping clients with negotiation strategies and supporting their negotiation process.

  • Sharing best practices for preparing in advance of any negotiation.

  • Developing overall strategy and help with presentations to management.

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