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Michael and Brandee Fernandez

Consultants and Mediator

Our Mission: Is Your Success and Achievement
Our mission is to help our clients rapidly develop and formulate business tactics by providing the industry's most   accurate technical knowledge and top development insights.



Training & Consulting

Your organization or business will have immediate take-away opportunities from our negotiations training, one on one consultation for dealing with your tough negotiations, or let us participate or do your negotiations for you.


Previous Teams stated "I've walked away with immediate ideas for my project negotiations". 

Executive/Professional Coaching

For those of you that only need a few sessions or even one session, we can help you with our focus topics in an individual setting to share our experience and provide individual coaching for you or your team members.



Are you involved in a conflict. dispute or disagreement?  Mediation or facilitation by an impartial 3rd party can help you avoid continued conflict, stress from the conflict, and is a cheaper cost solution than other conflict resolution processes.   In Mediation you are the decision maker, not a judge, jury, lawyer, or any other party. We provide face to face mediations, as well as a virtual and online mediation process.

Guest Speaker
We are happy to present at your Business, University, or Organization on several focus topics that can be tailored to your audience needs.

Team Building, Leadership, Supply Chain Management,  Contract Management, Conflict Management & Negotiations are a few of our focus areas to consider.

What We Offer
Our clients gain competitive advantages of having the support of industry professionals and experts who teach best practices from more than one industry in Leadership, Conflict Management, and Negotiations.

Conflict Management
Corporate Learning
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