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Online Dispute Resolution

Video Conference

      Making Mediation Work for You:


Cost Saving

  Less Time to a Resolution

 More Control of Your Final Agreement

What is Online Dispute Resolution (ODR)

  • Virtual Mediation sessions

    • Use Zoom and other platforms to participate in the mediation process virtually​

    • Save time and money by not having to travel to a location to mediate; all parties can have be connected vie a Zoom session. 

    • Participate with computer, iPad, or cell phone from anywhere. 

  • Online Mediation

    • Can be combined with Virtual sessions or used independently. 

      • Communicate, share documents, and prepare documents on a chat board, receive notifications when someone has left you a message or you have new discussions posted to see or respond. 

    • Online Mediation also includes email and other chat options.  ​


  • Initial fee of $99 per 30 minute session of a Zoom mediation

    •  Up to three 30 minute sessions.  These three sessions can include  all parties or split with individual parties.  

  • After the initial three sessions, there will be a flat fee for the remainder of the mediation process.  

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